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We hope that you will enjoy your visit and spend some time with our departed friends at Rainbow Bridge in Cyber Pet Memorial Park. If you have a friend here, I am sure your visit will bring back the good times spent together.


Sassy Girl

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Sassy   1993  --  Dec 25 2000

Forever in our hearts will the memory of the Christmas cat live on. She truly was the greatest fan Christmas has ever had, she would pounce under the tree each year in joyful lust for witch ever gift would shed there colorful papers,ribbons and bows. She would sit for hours under the tree as if she to was a gift,and that she was. Now on this Christmas day our Sassy cat has chosen to leave, a place where everyday is Christmas . She will pounce with in mountains of gifts, colorful lights,paper,ribbons and bows. She will have endless Christmas tress to play under, with the warm sun to warm her face, like she has warmed our hearts each and every day.

Forever will she be a part of Christmas.

We miss you Sassy !

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