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Cyber Pet Memorial Park

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We hope that you will enjoy your visit and spend some time with our departed friends at Rainbow Bridge in Cyber Pet Memorial Park. If you have a friend here, I am sure your visit will bring back the good times spent together.

(Pip Maruschak)


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Pip   02/87-5/14/99

Pip, we want to let you know how honored we were to have you love us and live with us all these years.  I hope you know how truly, truly loved you are.  You will always be remembered by Karli for sleeping with her everynight. She wants you to continue sleeping with her, even in spirit.  Sasha is going to miss playing with you.  She loved the way you would chase after the streams of paper  or string that she would dangle above you.  Dad is going to miss giving you your back scratches that you loved so much. And I....I will miss you the most, my baby.  How you always followed me around, no matter where I went.  Keeping guard at the bathroom door, till I came out.  Sneaking on to my bed after making sure Karli was asleep first.  We will love you forever...Sleep well, Pip.

Kim Maruschak

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