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We hope that you will enjoy your visit and spend some time with our departed friends at Rainbow Bridge in Cyber Pet Memorial Park. If you have a friend here, I am sure your visit will bring back the good times spent together.

Muffie Rudachyk

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Princess Muffin (Muffie, Pooh Dog, Snuffy) was given to me as a gift for my eighth birthday on June 14, 1986.  She immediately became my best friend and loyal companion.  We were virtually inseperable for the 7 1/2 years she was alive.  She was always on my side for everything, and she never let me down.  She was with me during very difficult years (8-16) and I can't imagine making it without her.

A couple days after Christmas 1994, Muffie became very ill with Leukemia.  We did everything we could for her.....and she almost made it.....however, very suddenly on January 2, 1995, her lungs collapsed.  We rushed her to the vet and had to have her put to sleep to end the suffering. 

I'll never forget my princess, and not a day goes by where I don't look behind me for that familiar red wiggle.

Nikki Rudachyk

Posted Melbourne, Canada  October 10th 98.

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