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We hope that you will enjoy your visit and spend some time with our departed friends at Rainbow Bridge in Cyber Pet Memorial Park. If you have a friend here, I am sure your visit will bring back the good times spent together.

Kimby Paruit Sr

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Kimby in 1982 came to Springvale where I was living when she was only 6 weeks old (Australian Terrier). Tiny as she was, I kept her inside the house the first night only. The next night she slept in the little kennel that I quickly built for her.

One year later, I moved to Monbulk where she had more room to play and roam about. One afternoon I was painting the house, when I heard a lady's voice saying: Is this your dog ?". I turned round and saw her holding my little Kimby in both hands. She had been run over by a car. I thought that she was dead. but the lady reassured me that she was still alive. I took her to the vet and Kimby was saved.

She met a gentle Jack Russell terrier one day and gave birth to a single pup, who was also named Kimby. Kimby Jr now lives at my cousin's.

My faithful friend and good girl died when she was 10. I miss her companionship and good manners. Her friend Tommy the Cat also died shortly afterwards. Kimby, you were a real friend and loyal companion. Kimby was also the faithful companion of Tommy the Tom Cat.

Your Dad Cyrille.

Posted Melbourne, Australia  June 98.

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