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We hope that you will enjoy your visit and spend some time with our departed friends at Rainbow Bridge in Cyber Pet Memorial Park. If you have a friend here, I am sure your visit will bring back the good times spent together.


Kimby Jr

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Kimby Philippe

Kimby Jr was born on 27 March 1991 in Monbulk, Victoria, Australia. Daughter of Kimby Paruit and a well dressed Jack Russell gentledog (with bow tie) who one day walked up to Kimby Paruit at her residence and proposed.
She passed away in early May 2002 after a long battle with arthritis and heart problems.
Kimby Jr shared 11 years of our lives and was our faithful companion of always. She was always around and willing to offer us her total attention. A very caring pet, she followed us around to make sure that everything that was Ok.
You will be missed Kimby, not only for your companionship, but very much for your being very much part of the family. We went through good and tough times together and you were always there to ease the pain or share the pleasures.
Old age, arthritis and heart problems caught up with you. The last few months were horrible. We saw your health deteriorate so rapidly and it must have been very hard to keep on all four paws. Yet, you kept going as if everything was Ok. Always ready to come forward despite the struggle to do little things like walking.
Our brave little girl, we are very proud of you.
The day that you just could not move one step forward and suffered all day before we had to put an end to your pain, was one of the most painful days of our lives.
Kimby, our little girl, we will always miss you and cherish the memory of the good times that we had together. Rest in peace and we all love you.

Kimby Jr Philippe

Madeleine & Clancy Philippe

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